- Hey, chauffeur, drive to Butyrka Settlement, Where the prison is, and be quick in it! - Itís too late for seeing it: for the whole year, yeíve been mistaken, friend, Theyíve dismantled Butyrka Prison for bricks. - Oh, itís sad, Iíve gotten a thought this morning To inspect the favorite haunts of mine... Well, thereís nothing to be done, then to Taganka Prison weíre going, There Iíve also spent a lot of time. - Itís again late: thereís no more that prison now, To the ground, Taganka has been razed. - Well, chauffeur, then turn your car, weíre going back as thatís how things are, As there are no signs of bygone days. - But, chauffeur, letís have a smoke before it Or, toss off some glasses in a tavern. So weíre drinking to the time, when there are no more prisons in Rossia, When our earth has no more labor camps!
© Akbar Muhammad. Translation, 2017