To count as I do we havenít drunk it hard, nay, - Itís true, by God pray, Seriega, bud, say! And was the Vodka no distilled from sawdust, What could they make us, 5 bottles modest?! The second was drunk at the shop, the corner round, But that was nothing - against tí background... Then in the park, kids mushrooms where about, Then - donít remember - ícause I was out. I drank it from the neck, without snack, and muzzy, - But as glass clear was, - indeed was glassy. And by the time a coach raised a bustle Weí d got exactly two pints a muzzle. The third companion, true, we made under duress come, That was a blunder, - just in excess done. And as to specs we broke for that fellow, - A Port was added not very mellow. A Mister stranger told us - stop, he said, a row, Said, calm you down, letís go now! To "let us go" I agreed with easiness, And let self go, and all this business. But if I cursed some of high rank - be punished hard may! Less likely was it - Seriega, bud, say! That I fell down - was because of darkness, íf no grief I howled - from growing dullness. Apart the records may I say a few words nearest. What do they teach us, the school and dearest?! That life will judge such people in the way best, - We do approve here - Seriega, say "Yes"! Heíll wake tomorrow, will say it, no more senseless: "So let it judge us, so let it sentence!" In your convenience, please, release at large us! What for to waste time if life will judge us?! Donít pay attention to Seriegaís endless nodding, - Heís quick and wise is - to me according! Why is he silent? - out of emotions, From getting lucid, from getting conscious! Donít lock us, people, in - the kiddies will be crying, To Chimky, his place, Medvedky - my being. Eh, all the same, - all buses gone the last route, The Metro closed, and taxis pass through. Itís pleasant ever so to be respected here, Look - weíre driven, look, settled weíre. No cock will wake us by the morning crow songs, - A sergeant does it for human persons. To music almost weíll be seen off having sobered. I saved a rouble - just to restore a bod!.. Yet our way, bud, isnít a big burger! Eh, poor devil! Well, sleep, Seriega!
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000