My tastes and wishes are of no classes - Iím exotic, minimum to tell: Can at the same time show biting glasses And reading Schiller in tíoriginal. Iíve got two MEs, two ends of cosmic alley. Two kinds of men, two enemies oppose: When one of them is going to the ballet - The other one - directly to tí race course. To something wrongful I become an orphan When living in the name of front ME nice, - But there is at liberty set often The second ME, a blackguard in disguise. And Iím fighting with the bastard inside, - Oh, troubles that my portion marked by! - What if mistaken, trying then to win a fight Iím crushing what is not my second I. Wheníer my interior is sunny At places Iím candid all along - So waitresses will gladly lend me money, And women will caress me for a song. Hell now with ideas - all it tumbles, Iím now angry, rude, against the law, Iím now sitting stupid crunching tumblers At thrown down Schiller to the floor. The trial plays - all eyes to gaze the last case. Your Honour, Prosecution, Gentlemen! Believe me that I didnít break the glass case, - It was my full of meanness second man. And I entreat you - donít be severe, - Just give me time, but donít give me time! As a spectator I will come by here And visit jails never for a crime.
Iíve no longer trend to break shop-cases And peopleís faces - put it down, please! I will reduplicate two lonely traces íF my splitting personality amiss. Iíll root it out, bury it in rigour, - And wash me clean and will be straight and clean! A stranger is my secondary Ego, - Itís not my own, never has it been!
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000