When waters overwhelming in the Flood form Came down into bounds of the banks Behind the foam of the Scripture hard storm Love crept then out quietly to blanks - Dissolving in the air for a part-term, This time to be a multitude in length. Eccentrics that exist still on the land Inhale with the whole breast this blend Expecting neither prize nor condemnation, - When breathing they by no special sign All of a sudden will be caught in time With such unregulated respiration. Feelings float long in smooth or rough Like a ship that furrows the seas - Till you get to know that to love Is the same as live as well as breathe. And there will be wandering and travel: The land of love is really great land! And lovers being knights for testing ever Should satisfy demands without end: It will require distances to sever, With peace íní rest íní sleep it will contend... But crazed they donít turn backward in dread - So, readily agree to pay ahead At any price - the life lay undefended To save it thru intact, to keep from threat, Invisible and magical that thread, To be between them which was once extended. Them the chosen winds refreshed and stuffed, Knocking down, raising from deceased, Itís because youíve never been in love That youíve never lived and never breathed. The many ones who in love having drowned Would never answer - call them as you may, - An idle talk and rumour keep them count, This count being mixed with blood we say. Letís set the candles at their bedside down, Of love unprecedented passed away... And their spirits can in flowers stroll, When their voices merged in time can fall, Accordant with eternityís first tone, And meet again and a sigh release On brittle bridges and on passages, And narrow crossings of the Universe on. Iíd lay fields in bloom for lovers-dove - Let them sing awake-asleep as if! When I breathe - it does mean that I love! When I love - it does mean that I live!
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000