I will forever remember that fight - Death saturated the air. Quietly raining and sparkling at night Stars shooting flare. Next one was fallen when I made a guess: Coming alive thru a battle, - Bound in a hurry to stars senseless My life was settled. When I believed that the danger is past, Early it would be to die, but Out of heaven a stray star was cast Down to my heart. Then being told to surmount the height, Spare no shells, no soldiers. Here is the second star rolling, it might Decorate shoulders. Stars in the sky are like fish in a lake - Plenty for all, you know, If not for death I would have got the make Also of a hero. As a souvenir Id give it to my son, That asteroid stolen... Stars hanging waste in the sky - no one Where to fall on.
Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000