Iím "YAK", a plane fighter, - my engine is fit, For heaven I am an insider, - But one inside me who took a seat Supposes that he is a fighter. In this attack by me "Junkers" was hit - I did him as was my plot, - But one inside me who took a seat - Heís driving me with him bored! In last battles I was riddled indeed, Mechanic laid stitches and plastered. But one inside me who took a seat - Heís making me spin, a bastard! While from the bomber the bomb brings Death to the aerodrome, - And it seems like if the tail-plane sings: "Peace to your home!" Here takes behind me the "Messerschmitt", - Iím tired of wounds - do scram!.. But one inside me who took a seat - I see him deciding a ram! What is he doing?! There will be a blow!.. It shouldnít burn down my life, - All speed and bans above having flown Iím coming out íf a dive! Iím leading, and rear... Oh, let me be gone If he returns to Mom, - When smoke enveloped him, striking a song: "Peace to your home!" And that man whom my skull iron got Alone now heís in the soup, - He made me misled and surprisingly brought Into a dive from a loop. Heís pulling a lever - the load double may, - Who only calls him an ace?! But over again Iím forced to obey - And this time is last in my days! I wonít be submissive to him - on my oath! Itís better to lie on the land... Why doesnít he hear the pulse furious: My oil-blood came to an end! For patience of planes limitation is set, By now the limit is passed, - And that man who had inside me sat Suddenly bumped into glass. Heís killed! Be at last that Iím flying light Burning the strength left away... But what is up, what?! In a dive is my flight, - I can get me off in no way! It frets me that little I managed to do, - Be lucky ones in your roam! And turned out singing me finally too: "Peace to your home!"
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000