Hard is tread in the night like a bell alarm calling-up forces, - So, leaving without a word we must go again. On impassable roads will clatter they, horses, horses - No one knows the end to which carrying over horsemen. Time is different now but as ever for happiness lost waits! And in chase of it always escaping we following fly. Only one thing - in races we lose the best of our close mates At full gallop not seeing - there’re no comrades close by. And for long it will stay that I wish fire memories came away, Long a creak of boots may appear disgusting to us, Children’s games of a war will be certainly played in the same old way, And we’ll sort people long into enemies and our class. When it thunders and blazes enough, when it finally cries out, And when our horses at last their galloping smooth, And when our girlies can change into dresses, so nice and proud, - Wish we couldn’t forget then, forgiving, and couldn’t we lose!..
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000