Like a razor the daybreak slashed the eyes, Cocking-pieces opened the sesame likewise, Like the devil when talked of the shots showed up, - And the "dragon-flies" took off the river corrupt, Now fun is begun to its utmost abrupt! You lay down and hid away your canine teeth. Even known that diving the flags underneath, Scenting holes for traps with the pads of the paws; Whom a bullet itself couldn’t ever fly close, - Lay perspired and scared having slackened the pose. I have never heard life that it smiles at a wolf, - Why we love it the only for long?! There is death - and its grin is wide and beautiful With the teeth that are healthy and strong. Let us grin at the enemy smiling as though - A dressing-down’s not come for dog fools low! But tattooing by our blood on the snow Show signatures: "No longer wolves, no!" Having tucked up the tails like dogs we were crawling, To the sky up the snouts amazed we were drawing: Whether down from heaven requital has shed, Or the end of the world came when driving us mad, - By the "dragon-flies" iron we were beaten flat. In a hail of lead we got soaked with blood - And gave up in the end, the retreat being cut! We were melting the snow with t’ abdomens hot. He who started the slaughter a man was, not God: After flying and running away he has shot... Dogs in leash, don’t you try with my pack to strive, In a fair fight luck is to serve due. We are wolves - how good is wolf’s our life, Dogs you are - and a dog’s death deserve you! Let us grin at the enemy smiling as though, To shut up tittle-tattles flow, But tattooing by our blood on the snow Show signatures: " No longer wolves, no!" Over there! The wood is for us a defence. Keep on moving, on running, it gives you a chance! Take to your legs, take care about the pups - At the point of shots being in their cups I’m rushing and calling my straying wolf’s subs. Who alive is that hid on the opposite shore. What can one do for it? Can I nothing do for! If my scent became dull and my sight broke down... Where are you, the wolves, and your bygone renown? Where is it, my yellow-eyed kindred now?! ...I’m living, but being surrounded by Beasts that never knew what a wolf’s call is, - They are dogs - very distant relations of mine, We considered them earlier spoils. I’m grinning at enemies smiling as though, Baring parts of the rotten teeth-tool’s row. But tattooed by our blood on the snow Melting signatures: "No longer wolves, no!"
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000