The climate is such, here is not a plain - Comes avalanches’ an infinite chain. And after stone-falls another will roar, - You may take a turn, the precipice round. But difficult ways to choose we’re bound, As dangerous as paths of a war. Who hasn’t been here, has never risked - That’ never tested self to resist, When even he’s used to moving among the stars: Below you won’t see, try as you may, In all your happiest life some day The beauty and wonders of t’ similar class. No scarlet roses, no mourning band, It doesn’t remind ’f a monument The stone that for good has granted you rest, - Memorial fire glistening nice The peak with daylight emerald ice - The one you haven’t conquered doing your best. Let them talk it on, yes, talk all it on, But, not for nothing one is gone! It’s better than from alcohol or a cold. The other will come, the comfort run For risking and a hard work done, - Will make it up, the route you couldn’t hold. The vertical cliffs here, try to be quick! Your luck is not trusted, it can play a trick, - As nothing in rocks is safe for a mountaineer, - We only rely on the clutching arm, The friendly hands and hook, your chum, And pray the rope to save us our fear. We’ re carving the stairs... Not a step back! And in the strain the laps shaking are slack, And right to the top the heart is in hurry to get. The heaven around! You’re happy and dumb! But feeling about like envious some People for whom their summit is still ahead.
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000