The tremorís vanished in the hands, Well, upward now! The terrorís fallen with the ends The deep long down, - There ainít a reason for a stop - En route you need... There ainít wherever such a top You couldnít beat! Among unbeaten every track One being mine, Among all records ever cracked Just one I try. And names of those here lay The snows conceal... Among unfinished many a way With one - I deal! In ice blue light without stints The slope is bathed, And mystery of someoneís prints The stone stores fast... And Iím looking in my dream Unseen below Believing they are sacred-clean - Both words and snow! And while time can always fly - Iíll keep in mind That here doubts managed I To kill inside. The water whispered on that day: Good luck for years!.. And tí day, what was it, by the way? Ah - Wednesday, yes!..
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000