Fir-branches resemble a fluttering hood, And birds scared twitter with fear, - You live in a wild and mysterious wood, One cannot get out of here. Let a wind dry bird cherries like clothes in May, Let a lilac rain downwards swaying, - All the same from this place I will take you away To the castle with reed-pipes playing! By wizards your world for a crowd of days Was covered from me and from people, - And you think that nothing could ever amaze Like this wood in mystery deep all. Let the dew on the foliage the dawn no lay, Let the Moon fight the clouds in motion, - All the same from this place Iíll take you away To the tower looking the ocean. What day of a week, or what time of a day Youíll come out to me with care, When in my arms held Iíll bring you away Where no one can find us in there? I will steal you if theft to your thinking is nice, - Was it worth what I did my strength breaking?! Please, agree at the least to the "hut paradise" If the castle and tower are taken!
© Natalia Tverskova. Translation, 2000