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Vladimir Vysotsky
(1938-1980, the famous Russian bard, if someone does not know yet)
in different tongues
VVysotsky translated
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...And once again we speak
each one in different tongues.

The materials presented on this site, were most found on the net starting from 1997. We could have provided the original links but there is no point in that: Some are far distant, some are dead...2 One of our main goals was to recover the lost information.

...Sooner or later each piece of literature finds a translation congenial to its origin. Let this site be helpful for upcoming ones.
We dont state the value of the translations; even the bad ones can have a magic line which will inspire someone to make the next attempt.

The most of the Vysotsky texts were taken from the Official V.S.Vysotsky Foundation site, and the Vysotsky audio recordings are linked to it (unless mentioned otherwise). All the records on our site are in RealAudio format (with reduced sound quality in order to avoid violation of an artist financial interests).

We also publish here a few articles discussing various pitfalls in translating Vysotskys poetry, and we hope they will be of use to translators.

We failed to reach some translators to get their permission for publication. Meanwhile we publish all of the found materials, yet we understand that nowadays even Pushkins name is associated with commerce - You cannot sell your inspiration, but manuscripts - they are for sale3.
In the worst case, if a copyright holder of any resource (text, image, sound, taste, or smell) objects against its placing here, well remove it.

Your new publications, corrections, and comments are highly welcome here!

1 V.Vysotsky. "She has been to Paris"
2 A.Pushkin. "Eugene Onegin" (tr. Ch.Johnston)
3 A.Pushkin. "The Conversation of a Bookseller with a Poet" (tr. V.Shapiro)


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